Unconventional By Design

Marketing professional services means waging a war for attention. Even if you have something important and interesting to share, the odds are that very few people will read, see, or hear it. Every day, more than 100 billion emails are sent, 3 million blog posts are published, and 500 million Tweets are posted. With all that noise, the only way to break through is by telling better stories that resonate on an intellectual and emotional level. By wrapping expert insights and brand differentiation in a compelling narrative, firms can take their marketing and business development to the next level.

For the last 15 years, we’ve been helping leading professional services firms across the country tell compelling stories through their core brand assets, including websites, proposals and presentations, and thought leadership content. We work with clients who, like us, believe deeply in the power of unconventional thinking to propel a business forward and generate new business opportunities. 

There’s too much “same” and not enough story in professional services marketing. We help our clients stand out through smart and sophisticated writing, design, and marketing strategy.


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Who We Are

We’re an experienced team of strategists, designers, and writers who love taking complex ideas and turning them into simple, compelling stories that connect emotionally and intellectually with your audience.

Our Leadership

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Jay Harrington


Heather Harrington


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What We Deliver

Everything we do is in furtherance of a single objective: Helping our clients stand out for all the right reasons in complex industries in which they compete.

  • A Stronger Brand

  • Increased Thought Leadership

  • Visibility in the Marketplace of Ideas

  • High Quality Business Development Opportunities