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Want to dig deeper into Jay Harrington's insights, recommendations, processes, and systems for helping lawyers and law firms dramatically improve their marketing and business development efforts? You're in the right place. Jay Harrington is the author of several books, including a new one launching in March 2018, focused on helping lawyers and law firms grow and thrive in today's competitive legal marketplace.



One of a kind: a proven path to a profitable law practice

Almost every lawyer wants command higher rates, attract more clients and increase his or her profile in the marketplace. However, many are stuck pursuing ineffective strategies. Others don’t even know where to start. In his new book, lawyer-turned-legal marketer Jay Harrington lays out a path for lawyers to build profitable practices.

This book teaches lawyers how to harness creativity to develop profitable niche practices, build personal brands, improve the brand experience of clients, and become prolific, effective content marketers.

Jay draws upon his own experience, as well as the experience of successful attorneys who have employed the strategies and tactics recommended in the book. Part marketing theory, part “how to” guide, this book contains practical advice for lawyers at any age and any stage of their careers.

In today’s legal market, it’s not enough to sit back and wait for work to come in the door. Developing a profitable and consistent book of business requires a strategic approach. If you’re open to new ideas, and interested in growing your practice, this book is a great resource to kickstart the next stage in your career.

“One of a Kind is a book for lawyers who want to build a profitable practice, not just practice law. In an age when it’s tempting for lawyers to try to be everything to everyone, Jay Harrington offers a compelling alternative: be a niche player. His practical guide presents accessible and creative business strategies to help lawyers focus their actions and stand out to clients.”
— Maria A. Black, Senior Director of Business Development, Kirkland & Ellis LLP



Grow your LinkedIn Network and Generate new Leads

Download our Free guide, "How to Make an Impact on LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Guide for Lawyers," to learn the essential steps on how to build a network, brand, and book of business using the LinkedIn platform. 



Build a Lead Generating Law Firm Website

Download our Free guide, "The 5 Essential Elements of a Law Firm Website Homepage," to learn the secrets to building a high performing website that attracts your ideal audience, turns traffic into leads, and leads into new business.


personal branding for lawyers: self assessment workbook

Interested in learning more about what it takes to build a powerful personal brand? Download Jay Harrington’s FREE “Personal Branding for Lawyers: Self-Assessment Workbook” to gain a deeper understanding of how to assess your unique strengths and weaknesses as a lawyer.


how to start fast as a law firm associate

Much like the first year of law school, the first year in a law firm can have a huge impact on a lawyer's career trajectory. A lawyer who starts slow will face an uphill climb. But one who starts fast will have a distinct advantage when it comes to career advancement. As the old saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. 

In this free eBook, Jay Harrington discusses several key tactics, strategies and philosophies that will help young lawyers get off to a fast start. The ideas shared in this eBook preview a longer, more in-depth discussion of the issues facing first and second year lawyers in a full-length book Jay is working on that will be launched in late March of 2018. 

Jay's new book will feature lessons learned from his own experience as an associate at large law firms, but more importantly the insights from numerous successful and experienced lawyers at prominent law firms throughout the country.