Episode 6: What to do When You're Suffering from "Content Paralysis" with Stefanie Marrone

In this episode, Jay has a discussion with legal marketer-extraordinaire Stefanie Marrone. Stefanie has nearly 20 years of experience in professional services marketing and leads the business development, marketing and communications functions at the New York City law firm Tarter Krinsky & Drogin. Jay and Stefanie have a wide-ranging conversation on thought leadership marketing topics.

Episode 5: Beta Testing Your Thought Leadership Content on LinkedIn

The concept of "beta testing" is common to software releases, technology more generally, and even applies to the performing arts. In this episode, Jay and Tom advocate that lawyers used LinkedIn status updates to "beta test" their content ideas before committing to a full-length article, and walk listeners through specific steps to illustrate how one might approach this tactic.

Episode 4: How to Build a Thriving Legal Practice with Thought Leadership, Featuring Attorney Scott Becker

On the first episode of The Thought Leadership Project podcast featuring a guest, Jay has a conversation about Thought Leadership with Scott Becker. Scott is a graduate of Harvard Law School, is the founder and publisher of Becker's Hospital Review, and is a nationally recognized healthcare lawyer at McGuireWoods.