Law Firm Training + Workshops

The legal industry is more competitive than ever. Therefore it’s more important than ever for attorneys to learn and develop the skills necessary to develop new business and become more productive.

The obstacle that many firms face is that there is little time for education and training given the pace and stress of the practice. And while in-house professional and business development training is essential at every law firm, the most effective training regimens supplement in-house resources with outside perspectives at retreats, workshops, and other education-oriented settings. 

Jay Harrington specializes in attorney professional and business development training for law firms big and small. His presentations and workshops are interactive, crisp, and insightful. They emphasize the importance of smart strategy, action, and accountability, and cover topics related to professional and business development, including:

Jay tailors his talks and training sessions to meet client objectives and adjusts his approach based on the experience level—from junior associate to senior partner—of his audience. His training sessions take place in-person or via video conference. Many times training programs are developed that involve both live and remote training. His goal is to leave attorneys educated, energized, and inspired to tackle new challenges. 

If you are interested in learning more about Jay’s coaching services, please contact him at or 313.432.0287 ext. 1.