An Unconventional Approach

Before investing in your professional services firm's brand, website, and marketing materials, you need a plan. An effective plan starts with a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of your ideal client, and then involves crafting a message, through copy and design, that makes it crystal clear to potential clients that your firm and its professionals are best situated to serve them.

This is done by achieving Client-Focused Clarity—which means demonstrating that you understand the challenges and opportunities that your clients face.

Once your professional services firm's brand, website, and marketing materials achieve Client-Focused Clarity, you can leverage technology to spread your message, generate leads, and engage in an ongoing conversation that builds trust and results in new business opportunities. This marketing methodology leads to sustained firm growth.

Are you ready for your message to break through the noise and confusion? If so, it’s time to get systematic with your marketing approach.

For more than a decade, we’ve brought clarity to professional services firm marketing while helping law, consulting, and accounting firms tell compelling, client-focused stories. Our brand strategy and content marketing agency is led by Jay Harrington, an attorney who worked at successful law firms and built one of his own. He blends the lessons he learned as a lawyer with more than 10 years of insight gained as an author, marketer, coach and consultant focused on professional services, to help his clients achieve high growth. He runs the agency with his business partner and wife, Heather, an award-winning designer and passionate marketer who leads our team of creative professionals to build client-focused professional services firm brands. We’re storytellers, in the business of telling yours.