Brand Design & Copywriting

Law firms are paying tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars to design and develop new websites, and investing even more to drive website traffic via advertising, events, marketing materials, and content. Often these investments do not generate sufficient returns because they are not connecting with their intended audiences.

In some cases, it's because an audience has not been sufficiently defined. As a result, it’s impossible to write and design law firm marketing materials that connect on a personal and contextualized level. Other times, the message that a law firm is conveying is too complex. They’re speaking in a language that makes sense to them, but is confusing to their audience. Finally, the manner in which the materials are written and designed is not grabbing attention, and fails to organize the information in way that best conveys its meaning.

Storytelling, which for thousands of years has been the most important means of sharing information that lands with an audience and leaves a legacy, is at the core of everything we do. Copywriting and design are the primary tools we use to tell great stories.

From brochures, to event invitations, to advertising, we approach each law firm project with the intention of delivering Client-Focused Clarity.

This means that we work with you to deeply understand the purpose of each project, and what action it’s intended to spur by the types of clients you're trying to attract. This process results in a level of copywriting and design refinement so thorough that, upon its completion, there is nothing more to add and nothing else to take away.

Simplicity is about clarity. To achieve clarity, you must understand who you are communicating to and what matters to them. Great law firm brands, therefore, are clear about their purpose, refined in their message, and elegant in their execution. In a complex world, a simple law firm brand is a powerful one.

Get More People to RSVP Yes! Beautiful Invitations that Boost Attendance at Your Law Firm Events

Hosting social, educational, and networking events is an important marketing strategy for most law firms. They are where relationships are deepened, and new ones are formed. To help law firms make their events more exciting and engaging, and therefore more well attended, we created RSVP, a new platform for law firms to order beautiful and affordable event invitations. You can choose among our invitation templates, upload your event information, and have a print and/or digital invitation proof in their inbox within 24 hours. It's fast and easy to order with RSVP.

We also design custom invitations that are made to order. Whatever your law firm event invitation needs are, we have you covered with RSVP!