Proposal + Presentation Design

Every interaction with a prospective client is an opportunity to create brand affinity, loyalty, and resonance. A professional services firm’s proposal and presentation materials are critically important to effective marketing and business development, but many firms give little thought to their design and written and visual storytelling.

Often, professionals are given free reign to construct proposals and presentations themselves, which results in inconsistent, unattractive, and unpersuasive design and messaging being used to represent a firm’s brand.

We help some of the nation’s leading professional services firms design, write, and construct effective and easy-to-use proposals and presentations in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. We specialize in transforming complex, text-heavy narratives into persuasive visual storytelling.

Because Word and PowerPoint are not considered design-friendly programs, many firms give little thought or attention to how they can improve the visual storytelling appeal of their proposals and presentations. Through our experience, we’ve honed our expertise at building Word and PowerPoint template systems that allow our clients to shine when pitching for work and sharing thought leadership.