The Essential Associate 90-Day Training Program

Clients are expecting more from their law firms than ever before. As a result, lawyers at all levels of experience are expected to deliver more value and productivity.

There was a time when clients were willing to subsidize “on the job training” for junior associates. Those days are over. Junior associates, like all lawyers within a firm, are expected to deliver results for clients. They must also start taking the steps necessary to position themselves for business development success down the road. It’s imperative, therefore, that even first year lawyers must hit the ground running and be equipped with the tools necessary to succeed. 

Help your junior associates gain the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in today’s competitive marketplace with The Essential Associate 90-Day Training Program. Attorney, author, business coach, and consultant Jay Harrington will lead your associates through an immersive and interactive training program that focuses on:


Program Principles

Professional development happens sequentially, not all at once. An effective training program is developed and delivered step-by-step and in a manner that takes into account how individuals learn and form habits that result in the desired outcomes.


An effective program involves three phases: Learning, Practice, and Accountability.



Learn the skills necessary to achieve the desired outcomes



Practice the skills in order to hone and refine them


Provide accountability and constructive feedback regarding performance

This process should repeat over time as the individual builds up to higher levels of performance. Successful training programs are ones that push the trainee to stretch and grow beyond his or her current comfort level over time.

Program Details

Over the course of three months your associates will gain the skills and knowledge to accelerate productivity, performance, and growth.

The Essential Associate Training program is practical, results-oriented, and specific to the needs of young lawyers at sophisticated mid-sized and large law firms. Here’s what you can expect to receive:


Attorneys will receive written tools and resources to reinforce the lessons taught in training and help guide attorneys as they take steps to execute their strategic action plans. 

Effective Project Management

Technology tools are utilized to streamline and facilitate each program. All participating attorneys will have access to a secure, individual, cloud-based project management portal where: (i) all coaching notes, tools and resources will be stored, (ii) attorneys can communicate directly with Jay, and (iii) scheduling of individual coaching calls can be facilitated. Coaching calls are conducted via Zoom video conferencing.


Jay Harrington conducts live, interactive training programs (either on-site or via video conference depending on your firm’s preferences) to teach the principles of Mindset, Goal-Setting, Productivity, and Marketing and Business Development


Following training sessions, individual 1:1 coaching sessions take place in which Jay works with your associates to set goals, create strategic action plans, and ensure that action is being taken toward achieving those goals. The most important aspect of coaching is that it helps create accountability. Without follow-up coaching, the knowledge acquired in training often goes to waste.

  • Group Training Session on Goal Setting and Productivity

  • 1:1 Coaching Session

  • Tools and Resources

    Copy of Jay’s Book: The Essential Associate

    Worksheets, Guides, and Recommended Reading

    Bi-weekly Check-ins to Share Resources and Ensure Accountability

  • Group Training Session on Marketing and Business Development

  • 1:1 Coaching Session

  • Tools and Resources

    Worksheets, Guides, and Recommended Reading

    Bi-weekly Check-ins to Share Resources and Ensure Accountability

  • 1:1 Coaching Session

  • Finalize and Begin Execution of a 12 Month Action Plan

  • Tools and Resources

    Worksheets, Guides, and Recommended Reading

    Bi-weekly Check-ins to Share Resources and Ensure Accountability


program Pricing

Custom pricing for The Essential Associate Training Program is provided to each law firm based on its specific goals and objectives. After discussing program parameters with you based on your firm’s needs, Jay Harrington will prepare a custom proposal. Pricing is based on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of attorneys who will be involved

  • Whether training is done in-person or via video conference

  • The length and extent of follow-up coaching


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