Tom Nixon

principal + Chief Storyteller

Phone: 313.432.0287 ext. 6
Cell: 313.418.9791

LinkedIn: Tom Nixon
Twitter: @tnixon16

Tom Nixon is a Principal and serves as Chief Storyteller with Harrington. A novelist, screenwriter, lyricist, playwright and journalist, Tom has a keen understanding of both the art and science behind effective storytelling. For more than 30 years, Tom has applied his craft of storytelling to both personal and professional pursuits, using narrative techniques that both evoke and elicit purposeful, impactful emotion.

Tom’s professional career has included all aspects of creative communications, including advertising, marketing, public relations, corporate communications, video production, social media, digital marketing and more. He has held leadership, management and ownership positions at independent agencies, helping or leading the growth, operations, creative, diversification and innovation initiatives at multiple creative firms.

Throughout his professional (and amateur!) career, Tom has followed and explored his passion for the creative process—creative writing, thoughtful design, and innovative forms of expressing ideas and concepts to achieve specific strategic outcomes. He enjoys marrying the art of creativity with the science of effective marketing strategy, all the while constantly exploring new channels through which brands can effectively communicate their own storylines to targeted constituents.

A lover of the performing arts, Tom enjoys playing live music in numerous bands and genres, and has taken up an amateur career on the stage, performing in several community theater productions. But his family always comes first: his wife, children and canines!

That's Tom's story...what's yours? If you're wondering how you can tell a more effective story to a broader audience—either for your firm or yourself—email Tom at or call him at 313.432.0287 ext. 6.