Simply Stated’s Five Most Popular Posts For Lawyers

One of my primary goals at Simply Stated is to educate and inspire lawyers of all ages and at all stages of their careers with valuable content that helps them grow, and derive more satisfaction, from their practices. There is a lot of content on Simply Stated, so if you’re new to the blog a good place to start is with some of my most popular posts. Here is a list to get you started:

1. 17 Things I Wish I Knew as a First-Year Associate
Starting a legal career is hard. New lawyers know very little about the practice of law, or how a firm works. This post touches on some of the things that I wish I knew as a first year associate.

2. Bad Growth: Destructive to Your Law Practice
Every successful law firm strives for growth. But growth – unbridled – can be dangerous. Learn how to distinguish good growth from bad growth and ensure your firm is on the right path.

3. The Expertise Effect: How Getting Narrow Can Grow Your Practice
In today’s competitive market, clients are seeking experts not generalists. This post focuses on the importance of building, maintaining and promoting one’s expertise in a narrow practice or industry in order to establish an interesting and profitable legal practice.

4. Put Your Creativity to Work (Yes, You)
The legal industry is changing. In order to thrive in the marketplace, lawyers need to tap into their creative side in order to stand out. Discover the importance of creativity in the legal industry and how lawyers can put their creativity into practice.

5. Substance and Form: The Elements of a Lawyer Brand
Building your personal brand is key to building a profitable practice. Learn the distinction between personal “reputation” and personal “brand,” and why personal branding is important.