How to Build a Powerful, High-Performing Law Firm Website

A law firm website should be, or at least it can be, an exciting place for clients to learn new things. It should inspire action toward goals and be the first stop on a prospective client’s buyer’s journey. Done right, a law firm website can be the engine that drives a law firm’s growth.

Unfortunately, few law firms realize these benefits.

Are you tired of spending tons of money on your website, and more on digital advertising and SEO, with no real return on investment? Can’t stomach (or afford) another major update to your firm’s website in hopes that this time things will be different? The good news is that your law firm website likely doesn’t need a complete overhaul. It may just require a few simple tweaks to turn it into your most important marketing asset into a lead-generating machine.

I recently wrote an article for Attorney at Work that explain four steps that every law firm should take to create a more powerful, more highly-performing website. The steps include:

1. Clearly Define Your Audience So You can Tell a Compelling Story

2. Call Clients to Action

3. Offer a “Transitional Call to Action”

4. Leverage “Social Proof” on Your Homepage

Check out my Attorney at Work article to learn more about how to get significantly more bang for the buck from your law firm website.

Could you use a bit of help in defining your target market, and positioning yourself as an expert with clients, potential clients and referral sources within a niche?


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