Episode 2: Guest Posting as Modern PR

Jay and Tom discuss how critical it is to move your thought leadership content beyond the confines of your own firm's website — a modern version of publicity that generates countless returns beyond the obvious.

Matters Raised

  • What is guest posting, as a thought leadership strategy?

  • Why is it important to think about securing guest posting opportunities?

  • What are the benefits, both in gaining attention and the more technical side effects?

  • What common problems facing attorneys does this strategy address?

  • How to get started, in six easy steps.

Reading & Resources

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Hosts of The Thought Leadership Project

Jay Harrington

Jay Harrington

Tom Nixon

Tom Nixon

Jay Harrington is an lawyer, author, executive coach, and marketing consultant for law firms and lawyers. Tom Nixon, who is Chief Storyteller at the Harrington agency, has more than 25 years of experience helping experts become thought leaders. Both are prolific content creators whose work has been featured in leading publications in the legal industry.