Episode 7: The 2019 Law Firm Content Marketing Survey

What did Harrington's 2019 Law Firm Content Marketing Survey reveal about what makes content marketing programs successful? Where are lawyers sharing their content online, and to what effect? How do law firms establish metrics for success when strategizing and developing their thought leadership programs? Jay and Tom dig in and dissect the market research report conducted earlier this year.

Matters Raised:

  • But first, a few introductions are in order: Jay and Tom provide brief overviews of their careers and how it led them to where they are today, including their roles as podcast co-hosts and partners at Harrington, the legal marketing firm founded by Jay and his wife Heather.

  • How was Harrington's 2019 Law Firm Content Marketing Survey constructed? Who was interviewed? What were the goals and overarching intent?

  • What were the key takeaways and insights? Any surprises?

  • The most successful content marketing campaigns are those that begin with a documented strategy. Attorneys and legal marketers reporting that they did not have a strategy document returned far lower success rates.

  • How and where are attorneys distributing their thought leadership content?

  • What social networks do lawyers report using the most to share content online?

  • No surprises: What did survey respondents say is the biggest content-marketing challenge facing law firms today?

  • How can content marketers use the data in this report to optimize their own thought leadership and content marketing initiatives?

  • What the data tells us about 2019...and beyond!

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Jay Harrington

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Jay Harrington is a lawyer, author, executive coach, and marketing consultant for law firms and lawyers. Tom Nixon, who is Chief Storyteller at the Harrington agency, has more than 25 years of experience helping experts become thought leaders. Both are prolific content creators whose work has been featured in leading publications in the legal industry.