Episode 8: The Power of a Network to Help Spread Your Thought Leadership


Roy Sexton is the Director of Marketing at Clark Hill, a firm that ranks #82 on the 2019 NLJ ranking of firms based on size. In this episode, Jay and Tom have a lively discussion with Roy about the effect that having a strong network—from social media contacts, to colleagues, to clients—has on one's ability to spread his or her thought leadership message. They cover a range of thought leadership marketing topics, including:

  • The role content marketing and thought leadership have in supporting legal business development

  • How to build a network that will support and spread your content

  • The importance of reciprocity—if you want others to engage with your content then you should engage with yours

  • Why it's critical for everyone in a law firm, from attorneys to support staff, to work together to support content marketing initiatives

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Jay Harrington

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Jay Harrington is a lawyer, author, executive coach, and marketing consultant for law firms and lawyers. Tom Nixon, who is Chief Storyteller at the Harrington agency, has more than 25 years of experience helping experts become thought leaders. Both are prolific content creators whose work has been featured in leading publications in the legal industry.