We Launched a New Podcast (and Why You Should too)!

Thought leadership never goes out of style. However, tastes change, and the ways people consume thought leadership are constantly evolving. Attention spans are shrinking, and it’s harder than ever to grab someone’s attention among newsfeeds and status updates. There’s one medium, though, that people are spending more quality time with. Podcast consumption is growing, and that’s one of the reasons we’ve decided to jump into the podcast arena ourselves.

My partner Tom Nixon and I are excited to announce the launch of The Thought Leadership Project podcast, a program dedicated to helping lawyers turn their expertise into thought leadership, and their thought leadership into new business. Our podcast allows us to take a deep dive into a wide range of thought leadership-related issues, from the importance of establishing a niche focus for your content to how to establish yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn. 

We hope you listen to and enjoy the first three episodes of our podcast. While the podcast is geared specifically to lawyers and legal marketing professionals, we believe the principles discussed apply equally to any professional services provider. Here’s what you can expect moving forward:

  • We’ll be releasing new episodes every Tuesday

  • Some episodes will feature Tom and I riffing on thought leadership topics; others will feature interviews of lawyers and legal marketing professionals that are experts in various domains of thought leadership (our first episode featuring a guest will drop on Tuesday August 27)

  • You can access podcast episodes at The Thought Leadership Project web page, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts

  • We’ll also be distributing new podcast episodes every Wednesday in our weekly newsletter—sign up here to have episode links delivered to your inbox

Here are links to our first three episodes:

While we’re diving into podcasting, we’ll continue to create and share blog posts about a wide range of professional services marketing and business development issues. Written content is still valuable and important, but through our podcast we’re trying to make it even easier to consume content that you care about while you’re spending time at the gym or in your car commuting to and from work.

Getting a new podcast off the ground is a lot of work, and we’re hoping we can reach a wide audience. To the extent you listen to and like the podcast, here are a few ways you can help us to spread the word:

  • Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or the podcast platform of your choosing, and new episodes will be delivered automatically to your device as they are released.

  • Please take a moment to rate and review the show, as that will provide context for others looking for this type of content.

  • Share a link to this blog post with other lawyers and professionals in your firm’s marketing department who are interested in the topic of thought leadership.

  • Send us ideas for future episode topics, and suggest potential guests (yourself included) who have interesting things to say about thought leadership.

Last but not least, we encourage you to consider starting a podcast of your own. While it might seem like you’re late to the game, you’re most certainly not. Podcasting is just hitting its stride, and there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity to reach new audiences and, yes, establish yourself as a thought leader through audio content. Consider what topics you have expertise and a strong interest in, and carve out a podcasting niche for yourself. Podcasting is a very personal and intimate way to develop a relationship with your audience. The goal of any thought leadership initiative is to establish awareness and trust, and podcasting helps accomplish both. 

Interested in dipping your toe into the water? Keep an eye out for future blog posts and podcast episodes on the topic of how podcasting can help you turn your expertise into thought leadership, and your thought leadership into new business.

Check out our first three podcast episodes at:


Jay Harrington and Tom Nixon help lawyers become thought leaders.

Jay Harrington

Jay Harrington

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Tom Nixon

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